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Property Market Research.

Information is key to successful residential property investments. At WT Capital, we provide a range of property market research that captures unique insights from highly experienced industry professionals. Buyers agents at WT Capital offer a personalised market analysis that evaluates investment risks, opportunities, and potential returns. Whether you are interested in purchasing your first-ever property or simply adding to your portfolio, WT Capital empowers you to make better investment decisions for your family, your future, and your retirement.

What is property market research?

Property market research uncovering, analysing, and implementing relevant data to make informed decisions about property value, investment ROI, and rental yield. Property research involves an understanding of a market’s current state, as well as where it is projected to head. The professionals at WT Capital leverage this knowledge while tempering numbers with relevant insights for portfolios of any size.

Factors affecting Australian property market research.

Five major factors shape the context of property research in Australia. Your WT Capital market research advisor will thoroughly investigate each of these.

Supply and Demand

When there are more buyers than sellers, house prices tend to increase. The converse is also true. If there are more houses on the market than buyers, property prices tend to drop. Evaluating the property market cycle equips you to understand investment opportunities in greater detail.

Different Markets

The Australian property market is not a single, cohesive entity. Rather, it comprises many smaller submarkets with their own trends and behaviours. When conducting investment property market research, your WT Capital advisor will consider the nuances of different markets to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the current environment.

Property Value

Analysing the value of a market research property may provide a number of benefits. By understanding the market value of property and how this has changed over time, you may better determine whether an investment is likely to be profitable.

Economic Factors

The well-being of the economy has a direct impact on the Australian property market. Keeping abreast of economic trends allows you to better understand how changes may affect your property portfolio.

Vacancy Rates

The number of properties available for rent or purchase is known as the vacancy rate. This statistic provides insight regarding the demand in a particular market or submarket, shaping your forecasts of potential returns and profits.

“Information is key to successful residential property investments. At WT Capital, we provide a range of property market research that captures unique insights from highly experienced industry professionals..”

The benefits of property market research.

Property research is indispensable for making wise decisions. Relevant and insightful data allows you to make informed choices about investments, both past and present.

Property market research may allow investors to receive:

  • A deeper understanding of the property market

  • Stronger confidence related to purchasing price

  • An improved sense of timing related to purchasing​

WT Capital has specialised in property research since the very beginning. Review your investment eligibility or discover if SMSF is right for you by taking our online quiz. You can also take a look at case studies to see how WT Capital helped them.

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