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Use our calculator to estimate how much Superannuation you'll have at retirement age.

Getting ready for retirement is an exciting but stressful time. While you're looking forward to finishing work, your lifestyle is set to change and your income may be less stable. At WT Capital, we help to boost your income and maximise your investments prior to retirement. We specialise in SMSF property investing and property investment solutions.

If you're not sure how much money you'll have to retire, check out our super calculator. If you want lifestyle certainty and financial freedom, our expert team can make it a reality.

Simply enter your age, current super balance and salary to see your retirement grow over time.

Retirement Calculator

Total amount at retirement age

How our retirement calculator works.

If you're getting ready to retire, you need to know how much money you'll have available. While lots of factors influence retirement income, including investments, pensions, and interest rates, this calculator gives you a basic idea of how your superannuation grows over time. All you need is your age, your current super balance, and your income, and we'll calculate the total funds available at retirement age. Our retirement calculator is accurate, insightful, and very easy to use.

Superannuation benefits from exponential growth due to compounding interest. Exponential growth is a multiplicative pattern of data that shows sharper increases over time. At WT Capital, we can help you to plan for your retirement at any age. While it's best to get started early and benefit from exponential growth, it's never too late to start investing in your future.

Boost your retirement savings.

There are lots of ways to boost your retirement savings and make your dreams come true. When you work with WT Capital, you will benefit from a tailored property solution. Our savings plans and super strategies are designed to meet your specific lifestyle goals.

If you don't like the results you're getting from our superannuation calculator, there are ways to improve your super savings:

  • Making consistent super contributions is the key to a long and happy retirement. We can help you to create a long-term plan based on your current income, investment portfolio, and retirement goals.

  • A self-managed super fund (SMSF) offers a variety of financial advantages as you approach retirement. Don't avoid SMSFs due to perceived complexities or risk — speak to the experts at WT Capital today.

  • Investing in property is a great way to maximise your retirement fund. Real estate assets have tremendous long-term growth potential, which makes them an ideal set-and-forget investment solution.

  • A diverse investment portfolio is essential to success in later life. From property investments to shares and superannuation, diversification helps you to minimise risk and maximise results.

  • Multiple taxation savings are available as you approach retirement. From super and property to concessional contributions, whatever you save on tax is available to spend during your retirement years.

    At WT Capital, we combine smart decision-making with financial discipline and friendly support. If you want to review your current financial status, enter your details into our retirement calculator. If you're ready to unlock new levels of wealth as you enter retirement, please check your eligibility, look at our case studies, or contact our friendly team for support.

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